2021 Lake Havasu CC Sightings at SCFW and Desert Storm: Photo Essay

Words and Photos by DinaRella

How can I best describe the vibe this April of 2021 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, after dystopian Chy-na's Wu-Flu lab-virus robbed powerboaters of our fun runs and festivities in 2020? Epic, unrestrained, off-the-hook hardware, ludicrous pony power and coats of paint, happy smiling hedonists... I can keep going! Saturated by a nautical nirvana of niceties, LHC looked, felt and sounded like you stepped into speedboat seventh heaven for thee consecutive weekends of wickedness when the Lake Havasu Boat Show, the 1st Annual Super Cat Fest West, and the legendary Desert Storm Poker Run and Shootout hit town.

But what made this year's go-around of high-octane happenings all the more memorable were the center consoles that came along "for the ride" joining their catamaran and V-bottom bros in their Skaters, DCBs, Eliminators, Cigarettes and so forth. Center consoles from manufacturers including: Concept, MTI, Mystic, Nor-Tech and Sunsation were in the mix hauling ass up and down the river, tied together at impromptu raft-ups, and  hanging out at Pirate's Cove for the day-time parties, before tucking back into their London Bridge Resort slip assignments. Little by little, the outboard-powered monsters are popping up more out west, and Lake Havasu serves as solid proof. Luxurycenterconsoles.com is happy to share the gallery of photos below with our readers from this past April.

With Lake Havasu being home base to our affiliate website, not only did RDP sponsor and host a series of events, River Dave and his local cast and crew worked tirelessly to provide in-depth coverage on it all. Here is one link from our high-performance powerboat coverage to get you started:  https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/articles/skater-mike%E2%80%99s-red-and-green-438-decks-the-docks-and-blocks-of-havasu.808/.

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