Technohull’s Hot-Shot Inflatable Invasion – The Omega 45

Story by DinaRella/ Images courtesy of KMB Yachting, Technohull and Marina Vernicos

Curious folks, serious spenders, ambitious journalists, the international lot.. you name it, onlookers on the docks stopped dead in their tracks at Technohull's display on Pier 8 --  first doing a double-take, followed by an instant 180-degree whirl back to ogle over its flagship Omega 45. The Greek shipyard naval architects hit the mark using the 2019 Miami International Boat Show for its Stateside unveiling of the fifth offspring out of the mold from its fleet, since the company's inception in 2005.

A known kingpin in the evolution of the rigid inflatable boat (RIB) paradigm, the appeal of the Omega 45 reaches beyond the traditional RIB operator thanks to a host of multifunctional attributes, premium design touches and a heavy-duty seafaring build; all of which precisely link to the reasons why Marilyn DeMartini, dynamite journalist and owner of PR Power marine media firm, suggested that I include it in our launch.

Upon seeing the oceanic sensation with my own eyes, any bewilderment I had in thinking the unsinkable rubber-tubed tender wouldn't fit our client base dissipated, and I was blown away faster than a hat off my head at 175 mph.

The Omega 45 has successfully proven to be an aggressive contender in the luxury marketplace. Not only is it geared for sweeping the superyacht crowds off their opulent other and onto Aiya Napa for an afternoon of beach club decadence or Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys for a lazy day of lobster and chilled champagne -- the visually seductive, twin-vented hull is offshore-able and center console stable.

Making waves around the world from Montauk to Miami to Mykonos, (on separate occasions) the RIB is rough, tough and ready to play. Key crossover elements accounting for the immense popularity of this pleasure craft within the gamut of go-fasters starts at its genesis. First off, the Omega 45 is laid up with the latest technology from bow to stern; beginning with CNC machined prototyping and ceramic-coated molds, further explained on the Technohull website.

The Athens-based company demystifies what its patented DynaStream hull technology encompasses as follows, "The first step is evaluating the working envelope of each model and the demands of the range, and the Greek shipyard has derived separate hull design constraints. Using state-of-the-art computer programs and hull structure algorithms, key hull design aspects are then confirmed. After several design loops, the hydrodynamic profile is streamlined, and as a result, strake geometry, step number, step positioning and the variable dead-rise distribution along the hull’s surface are optimized. The combination results in a perfectly balanced, efficient, and extremely seaworthy boat."

Filled with more than simply air, the tubes are loaded with pivotal features. The resilient inflatable collar facilitates walking along the edges risk-free, turns docking chores into scores of fun, and leaves the RIB free from harm and costly damages in the case of a collision.

Besides functionality and the sporty visual vibe the bouncy border gives off, I consider safety and stability the elemental deal breakers when going the RIB route. The robust rubber sides make easy work of the chop and act similar to a lifejacket in adverse conditions keeping the boat buoyant, while also functioning as shock absorbers offering guests an unwavering (no pun intended) journey on high-speed jaunts.

From tubes to teak, the Omega 45 is discerningly "decked-out" in teakwood from the sturdy and wide (vacuum-infused) gunwales to the flooring from front to rear. The elegant classic wooden decor pairs together with the smooth black fiberglass helm and inviting Alcantara interior, as fireworks compliment the Fourth of July skies.

The powerful optical impact of the black tinted glass is simply celestial as it continues beyond the sheltering of the T-top and into the helm. Fans of fresh flowing air will be pleased to see the windshield is equipped with an adjustable deflector that can be both opened or closed. An instrument panel of carbon fiber houses dual 12" multifunction Raymarine screens, an engine display, a bow thruster (listed as optional on the website), and adequate facilities for stashing away items including an enclosed compartment outfitted with USB ports.

The cockpit has been rigged for ultimate comfort and coolness, and I salute the boat builders for having succeeded in this arena. A second row of bolsters can be added to safely fit three amigos under the T-top with the captain positioned on the portside. A graceful ride is guaranteed thanks to the shock-proof, adjustable bolsters locking you in as if your body was sculpted to the dimensions of the seat.

Coming from the professional offshore racing side of the industry (writing not racing), it was love at first sight when I laid eyes on the raceboat-esque in character, flashy orange and red (depending on the boat) bolsters. Don't let the snug and narrow appearance fool you, they are unbelievably cushiony and enjoyable to lean back or take a pounding in.

The bronzed and beautiful will enjoy the spacious bow configuration while either stretching out on the V-shaped settee or aft-facing bench which also function to conceal a vast storage facility underneath that makes for the perfect place for weekend sundry stowage and such.

A surprising discovery was revealed from under the forward lounger in front of the helm... a latch and zippered canvas canopy that after unfastening, provided direct access to the lower region. I was intrigued to see this inner console entry layout in person, as  I have not seen a similar arrangement on center consoles fabricated in the mighty USA.

Built into the interior of the console is a twin-berth with private enclosed head and shower. This component was the icing on the cake sweetening the deal to win over the family-friendly and devoted day boaters fond of having the covered retreat to use to freshen-up or crank up the optional air-conditioning and chill out sans le soliel.

Social quarters at the stern will vary according to -- any which way you want it! Possibilities may include a double bench or an outdoor wet bar unit with sink and refrigerator aft of the second row of cockpit seats. Next to the full-size rear seating arrangement, a center table is presented in two variations: a manual removable model or a motorized one that can be raised higher for use as a traditional table or lowered to create a rear sunbed. Do note, the telescoping table is a permanent fixture and thus, not possible to remove.

Sticker price for the Omega 45 with the standard triple 400R Verado outboards comes in at $530,000 and is capable of churning out 70 knots (130 km/h or 81 mph) with the throttles dropped. Mount another bad-boy to the transom, and predicted top-hop with quads increases to 79 knots (145 km/h or 90 mph).

A twin inboard diesel engine propulsion system with stern or surface drives is another available option for the boater not wanting to clip a set of outboards on the back end. I have included a few pictures below that I designed on the Technohull website to give you an idea of the Omega 45 aesthetic with the inboard package. For those that know me, the green one is my favorite.

The Technohull Omega 45 is fully customizable from power packages, colors, finishes, upholstery schemes right up to its overseas delivery option. Passing through Athens are you?  Why not pick it up there and start with a MEGA Omega 45 opening maritime mission around the Med!

Or keep life simple and reach out to Ivo Vassilev and Kostatin Balabanov at KMB-Yachting in North Miami. The European partners represent the brand in the United States and welcome you to experience the new luxuriant RIB lifestyle.

Returning back to the Miami show in February, in excess of 1,400 spectacular nautical treasures decorated 90 acres of Key Biscayne during the five-day exhibition making media professionals work over-time trying to narrow down their top-pick "winning pieces" to be highlighted in their "written pieces".

And with that said -- Technohull can be proud. The Omega 45 made it to Maxim's "Top Five Sexiest Speedboats from the 2019 Miami International Boat Show", a spread in Speed On The Water and an online feature with

Be on the lookout for future Technohull coverage including a  feature on the sistership to the Omega 45 -- the SeaDNA.


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