Nor-Tech 390 Sport Customer Profile Roger and Pam Anderson

Roger and Pam Anderson

Story and Photos by DinaRella

"The sound of the loud engines is an adrenaline rush for me and makes my skin tingle. Our Nor-Tech center console is so quiet, sometimes I think we need to record a few minutes of our Fountain's blower motors just to have on board for when I need to hear that engine roar."

When I first met the "original" Pam Anderson (not the ex of Kid Rock and former Baywatch star) this is how our conversation commenced. Instantly, you know you are going to become friends when two females begin a tête-à-tête talking about their mutual suffering from "loud engine withdrawal" while riding in center consoles; and craving that raw rumbling from a set of Mercury Racing engines, or in my case, a couple of Lycoming T-53 Turbines would be my motor-revving I-tunes song of choice.

Apart from her engine addiction, this lovely Dallas, Texas native and her husband Roger truly love their 2017 Nor-Tech 390 Sport and nothing was more evident from our first encounter on the dock at the Grove Harbor Marina in Coconut Grove (Miami) Florida. The Andersons were finishing final boat preparations before taking off on the Florida Powerboat Club’s Miami Boat Show Poker Run when I caught up with them.

Now let's get down to business, I needed to know why the Nor-Tech 390 Sport? All prior joking aside about the ear-piercing engines on the high-performance crafts, one of the biggest selling points of the center consoles is this particular feature... their quietness allows everyone on board to be able to chat without having to compete over the deafening stern drives and unwrap half a bag of Halls cough drops to get their voices back from screaming all day long.

Roger shared with me that the Florida-based manufacturer Nor-Tech has a great reputation with catamarans and while he was at the Fort Myers factory to check out a variety of models, he saw the 390 Sport... and the back-log of orders that came with it. While initially he was not sold on the tan and black color scheme from prior pictures, after seeing the beauty face-to-face, his sentiment changed and he went for it.

What came next was the installation of air-conditioning in the cabin, the selection of the double-stitching for the interior (Nor-Tech performs all work at its own in-house upholstery shop), and the addition of the second set of bolster seats so all five rear riders and operator are facing forward. This was a key element that both Roger and Pam mentioned to me on more than one occasion. It is important for them that all their invited guests are able to face forward.

Soon there after, upgrades were implemented and the Fountain faithfuls had a new Nor-Tech offspring. They took delivery of Ea$y Money II from a Missouri Nor-Tech dealer during a trip out to Lake of the Ozarks this past summer.

Prior to the purchase also under consideration during the initial stage of their research were the Cigarette Racing Team center consoles, but Roger found them to run a bit slower when compared to the Nor-Techs. With throttles pushed forward, the boat is capable of 75 mph. Absolutely pleased with the low-maintenance requirements and how the triple outboard 390 Sport dissects through the rough waters, Roger added, "For long distances the bulletproof outboards are the way to go, you really only have to change the oil."

The large roof, a fantastic stereo with 12 speakers, front and back fresh-water hoses to rinse off after some salty-water wading around, groovy LED blue lighting under the water and on board, and the large slide-out cooler built into the bottom part the boat behind the back set of bolsters, are other features the Andersons thoroughly enjoy. This boat will remain in Florida where the couple frequently visit and partake in a majority of the fun runs.

As the owners of a large industrial chemical business, when not deep in concrete negotiations, the couple spend their Lone Star State boating days on their 42' Fountain on the waters close to the Oklahoma border at their Southlake, Texas home. Their son, Cliff Anderson, also an avid powerboater made the move further west to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where he currently campaigns his 36-foot twin 750-hp Viper powered Eliminator. Pam and Roger make periodic visits out there and are contemplating which coast to make their next potential residential purchase... Lake Havasu or Miami. "Why not both?", was my suggestion to them.

Coincidentally that Friday morning, docked directly behind the Anderson's 2017 Nor-Tech was the 2018 version of the 390 Sport. From the pictures that accompany this story you will observe the redesigned forward bow seating that provides optional flip-up backrests for maximum comfort when relaxing. As well, you will notice an ample amount of increased space in the rear of the 2018 model due to the lack of the second set of bolsters the Andersons had customized in their build.

Personally, I love the bow backrest feature of the 2018 model and I also prefer the second bolster in the stern area which is included on the 2017 version because when it's get up and go time, the best spot in the house is facing forward behind the helm and now four passengers have that option. would like to thank the Andersons for being our first Nor-Tech center console customer profile.  We can't wait to see the boat on the South Florida waters gaining air and water supremacy as all Nor-Techs always do!

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